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Take action

We need to take action to stop these plans to fundamentally change the NHS we know and love. If the Tory and Lib Dem Coalition force through the Health and Social Care Bill, the NHS will be very different in five years’ time – with more privatisation, worse patient care and increased red tape to stop health professionals doing their jobs.

Lots of campaign groups, trade unions and patients’ organisations are working to stop the Bill. This is a short list of ways you can take action now, and links to the great resources that those campaigns have produced to help you.

Sign up to join the fight

Sign up here to join our campaign to stop these reforms that will destroy the NHS as we know it.

Lobby your MP

We need to put as much pressure on our MPs as possible to stop the NHS Bill. MPs need to understand how much we love our NHS, and how worried we are about what the Health and Social Care Bill will do to it.

Send your MP an email now

Click here to use our easy-to-use tool to send your MP an email to ask them to stop the Bill.

Telephone your MP now to ask them to stop the Bill

Pick up the phone and call your MP’s office in Parliament, and ask them to vote against the Bill. Use our simple guide to help you decide what to say, and to let us know what your MP says.

Go and see your MP in their local constituency

As one of their constituents, you have the right to go and see your MP in their local constituency surgery. This guide will give you more information about how to go and see your MP. These are 10 essential questions you should ask your MP.


In your town

We need as many people as possible to realise the threat that these reforms pose to our NHS, and join our campaign. You can help make our campaign bigger, better and stronger by helping to spread the word in your local area - that could just mean talking to your friends about it!

Write to your local paper

The local press is very important. More people read their local paper than a national newspaper and getting a letter published in the letters page is a great way of highlighting an issue. This editable letter is a good starting point for writing to your local paper.

Talk to your friends and colleagues

Try printing this petition and collecting signatures on it. You could also print out this poster, or this one from UNISON, and put them up in your window, or on your union notice board at work.

Email your friends and family to ask them to join the campaign

You can email your friends to ask them to join the campaign here, or use our easy-links to share the campaign on facebook and twitter.

Write to your GP

You can use this editable letter to write to your GP to ask him or her what they think these NHS 'reforms' will mean for their patients.