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Join the rally to save our NHS

Join the RallyOver the past months, our campaign to stop Cameron destroying our NHS has just kept building.

Health professionals, patients and the public all want to stop Cameron’s Health Bill. The House of Lords are still debating it, and it has to go back to our MPs in the Commons before it becomes law.

That’s why, next Wednesday 7th March, there will be a massive rally to save our NHS, right opposite Parliament.

Together, we’re going to send the strongest possible message to Cameron and Clegg that they need to start listening, and drop this Health Bill.

Those who work in the NHS, and those who use it will gather in Central London to call on this Government to think again.

And, if you can’t make it to the rally in person, you can sign up to join us online. We’ll be asking those who can’t get to London to tune in for a webcast of the live event, and to make as much noise online as you can. Tweet about it, blog and comment about it, or share it on social networks. We can get the internet buzzing in a way the government can’t ignore.

We have to keep the pressure up on Cameron over his Health Bill. Together, we can send him a message that the public won’t stand by while he destroys the NHS we know and love.


Register for a place in Central Hall

The event is free but spaces are limited, so please book a place. The organisers will use your registration details to send you more information nearer the date.

Join the London Rally







Pledge to join the Rally online.

Sign up and they’ll remind you about the webcast nearer the time. Plus we’ll give you some suggestions on how to add your voice to get the campaign heard.

Join the rally online







These links will take you over to the TUC's website, where you can sign up to attend the rally, or join in online.


Spread the word

Once you have signed up, why not use these easy links to post on twitter and facebook and help spread the word about the rally?

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